Ways To Reduce Lower Back Pain When Wearing High Heels

Ladies love their heels as they make them appear taller and have longer legs.  Wearing high heels regularly have negative effects on the feet as well as the rest of the body.  The knees can be affected as the heels cause the knees to stay bent.  Researchers have shown that women can suffer from osteoarthritis later in life from constantly walking this way.  Health related problems such as plantar fasciitis, also known as chronic heel pain, leg pain, numbness on feet and etc are also caused by wearing high heels.

Another common problem is lower back pain as high heels causes the back to go out of alignment.  Walking in heels causes the body to arched backwards in order to maintain an erect posture.  This may cause the muscles on the back, knees and calves to be strained.

If you experience back pain the next day or a few hours after wearing the heels, it is an indication that you should stop wearing high heels for a while.  This does not mean that you should stop wearing them altogether.  You just need to wear good quality high heels with care and insoles to prevent low back pain and discomfort.


Below are some tips to prevent low back pain after wearing high heels:

  • Wear heels that have a wide base. Wedges are a better option than stilettos.
  • Wear the right size of shoes.
  • Go for heels that are low like one inch to reduce the strain on the calves and back.
  • Use a soft insole in the shoes to reduce negative pressure on the knees
  • Rest your feet by removing your shoes and stretch your feet after every two hours.
  • Wear high heels only when minimal walking is required.

If you’ve been wearing heels for a long time and have been suffering from low back pain after wearing high heels, you may want to get a foot rest to elevate your leg when sitting.  This will help to reduce the pain in your knees and legs.

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