The Importance of Office Ergonomics

Do you know that many people suffer from a variety of pain that is linked to the way they work at their desks?  An average person spends about 8 hours in front of a computer.  Therefore, it is important to make a few adjustments to the office ergonomics to achieve physical comfort.  The best place to start is the desk chair.  If your chair does not offer proper lumbar support, get a back rest to maintain proper posture.  Use a Foot Rest to create a 90 degree angle.  A Foot Rest is very helpful when the feet do not reach the ground.  It also helps to lift the thighs slightly for better circulation.  Ensure that the wrist lies flat and is supported by an armrest.  Having the right ergonomic accessories can keep your work area comfortable and organized.   This will allow you to be more productive and focused.


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