Simple Steps To Avoid Back Problems

Do you know that one of the most common myths about back problems is that only those who perform physical work have a greater risk of injuring their backs.  Actually, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle are at equal risk.  Those who work in the office tend to sit for long periods of time and this is put significant stress on the backs.

Back problems can be avoided by :-

  • Perform some exercises at the office.  It is advisable to spend at least 5 minutes away from the computer every hour.  By doing simple stretches or walking will reduce the effects of a fixed posture and relieve muscle tension.


  • Spine specialists have recommended that it is best to have our knees raised above the hips to relieve pressure on the lower back.  Therefore, using a foot rest under the desk helps to shift the weight.

Lower back pain can be a chronic condition.  Taking small actions daily to protect your back can stop or slow down the pain.  If your lower back pain interferes with your ability to perform everyday activities, do consult your doctor.

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