How To Avoid Back Pain And Neck Pain While Working At Computer

Do you work at your desk all day?  Then you are most likely to suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain as well as back pain.  These are due to bad posture, stress and long hours and inactivity.  Do try these tips on how to improve your workspace and lower the risk of pain :-

  1. Wrists and hands should be in line with your arms.
  2. Shoulders should be relaxed.
  3. Sit close to the desk and have a chair that provides lumbar support.
  4. When seated, feet should be planted firmly on the floor or use a Foot Rest.
  5. Take regular breaks.

square board

Prop your feet up with a Foot Rest to reduce lower back pain and strains on your legs.  Order a Foot Rest here.

Below are some stretching exercises that can be done intermittently throughout the day to prevent the muscles from aching.


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