Home Remedy For Swollen Ankle And Feet

Swelling in legs, ankles and feet are often brought on or aggravated by long periods of standing or sitting.  This causes an abnormal fluid buildup in the limbs, especially among older adults.  Some other causes of swelling include injury, people with diabetes, blood clot in the leg, rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy. The swelling can make it difficult to walk and cause pain.

Here are some tips on how to treat swollen ankle and leg at home :-

  1. Stand up or move around at least once every hour, especially if you’re sitting or standing still for long periods of time.
  2.  Reduce salt intake which can decrease the amount of fluid that may build up in your legs.
  3.  Elevate your legs above your heart with a firm Foot Rest.


Order a Smart N Comfy Foot Rest today to prop your feet up and to help improve your blood flow as well as reduce any uncomfortable swelling.

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