Foot Rest Cushion To Relieve Knee Pain, Tired, Aching & Sore Feet

Foot Rest Cushion To Relieve Knee Pain, Tired, Aching & Sore Feet. Reduce Deep Vein Thrombosis During Travel. Ideal For Office and Home. High Quality Anti Slip Cover.

Have you been experiencing foot pain from sitting for long periods at your desk? Or do you stand all day at work?  The effects of prolonged sitting or standing all day may result in lower back pain, poor posture, swollen feet or legs, various foot problems and pain.

The best solution to your problem is the Smart n Comfy Foot Rest.

This foot rest will :-

  • PAIN RELIEF – Our Foot Rest Helps To Relieve Leg, Foot, Knee, Lower Back, Hip, Ankle And Joint Pain By Allowing Leg Muscles To Rest.
  • STIMULATE – Improves Blood Circulation And Lessen Veins Distention By Raising The Legs.
  • LEG REST – Decrease Aching and Eliminate Strains Due To Long Periods of Sitting On Chair
  • DUAL FUNCTION – Turn The Foot Rest Upside Down To Achieve A Rocking Motion. Keep Your Legs and Feet Moving For Improved Concentration.
  • COMFORT – Slow Rebound High Density Foam Foot Rest Offers Optimal Comfort And Superior Support For Your Feet

Product Description

– Made From Hypoallergenic Medical Grade High Density Foam With Strengthened Cell Walls To Provide Increased Air-Flow and Support
– Half-Cylinder Design Allows Infinite Positioning for Ultimate Comfort
– Perfect Height of 6 inches, Length of 16 inches Width of 10 inches
– Foot Rest Has Inner Lining To Protect The Foam
– Light Weight and Portable. Great for Home, Office and Travel.
– High Quality Anti Slip Cover To Prevent Sliding. Cover Is Easily Removable For Washing.

Dimensions :

16 x 10 x 6 inches


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