Natural Remedies For Swollen Legs, Ankles And Feet

I am sure we have experienced swollen legs or ankles at least once in our lifetime.  Sometimes it could be due to minor accident like accidentally hitting our foot or leg on the coffee table or chair.  A cold compress onto the affected foot or leg may relieve the swelling.

Some people would experience limbs swelling because they have been sitting for too long.

Here are some DIY methods that you can follow to prevent swelling :-

  • Exercise.

Doing light exercise can stimulate blood circulation.  Swimming is the best option if you have inflamed legs.  Floating takes the impact off your feet and this would ease discomfort.


  • Get up and move.

If you are always sitting at your desk for long periods, it is best that you take a 5 to 10-minute break and walk around a bit.  Drinking lots of water helps as this would make you walk to the washroom often for a break.

  • Wear compression socks.

These socks help the blood vessels with their elasticity and prevent varicose veins.  Wearing them on long-haul flights is good if you are suffering from leg inflammation.

  • Eat healthy and reduce salt intake.

Too much salt causes water retention and thus it should be avoided.  Eat a nutritious diet and maintain a healthy weight.

Medical attention is required immediately if you experience swelling suddenly.  Consult your doctor or go to the hospital for monitoring.