How To Avoid Back Pain And Neck Pain While Working At Computer

Do you work at your desk all day?  Then you are most likely to suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain as well as back pain.  These are due to bad posture, stress and long hours and inactivity.  Do try these tips on how to improve your workspace and lower the risk of pain :-

  1. Wrists and hands should be in line with your arms.
  2. Shoulders should be relaxed.
  3. Sit close to the desk and have a chair that provides lumbar support.
  4. When seated, feet should be planted firmly on the floor or use a Foot Rest.
  5. Take regular breaks.

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Prop your feet up with a Foot Rest to reduce lower back pain and strains on your legs.  Order a Foot Rest here.

Below are some stretching exercises that can be done intermittently throughout the day to prevent the muscles from aching.


How To Ease Knee Pain Or Tired Feet

Do you know that the knee is the largest joint in our body?  The knee allows our leg to bend and straighten.  Some of the common causes of knee pain include tendon around the knee becomes inflamed due to repetitive use, stress on the joint due to acute injuries, torn meniscus, muscle pain, arthritis and more.

Have you been experiencing  aching knees, legs and ankles at your office desk? This may be due to long period of inactivity.  A foot rest may be the solution. They are designed to support for your legs from the feet up, taking strain off your thighs to keep you comfortable for long periods sitting at your desk.


Put your feet up with an ergonomic Footrest to reduce the pain and discomfort.   Fix your knee pain without drugs or surgery.  Order a Smart N Comfy Foot Rest today.

Reduce Back Pain And Sleep Better

Do you suffer from back pain and find it difficult to sleep?  Are you also tired of waking up with back pain?  Many people who suffer from lower back pain may have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position. Poor-quality sleep is proven to negatively affect overall health.


In order to achieve better sleep posture, health practitioners, chiropractors and therapists have recommended to their patients to elevate their legs while lying down or placing an ergonomic-designed pillow between the knees while lying on the side. Try placing a small rolled towel under the small of the back for more support. This helps to relieve the pressure on the hip joints and lower spine.


Order a Foot Rest today to reduce the stress on the lower back and hip joints.  This will leave you with less pain and a better night’s sleep.

Ways To Reduce Lower Back Pain When Wearing High Heels

Ladies love their heels as they make them appear taller and have longer legs.  Wearing high heels regularly have negative effects on the feet as well as the rest of the body.  The knees can be affected as the heels cause the knees to stay bent.  Researchers have shown that women can suffer from osteoarthritis later in life from constantly walking this way.  Health related problems such as plantar fasciitis, also known as chronic heel pain, leg pain, numbness on feet and etc are also caused by wearing high heels.

Another common problem is lower back pain as high heels causes the back to go out of alignment.  Walking in heels causes the body to arched backwards in order to maintain an erect posture.  This may cause the muscles on the back, knees and calves to be strained.

If you experience back pain the next day or a few hours after wearing the heels, it is an indication that you should stop wearing high heels for a while.  This does not mean that you should stop wearing them altogether.  You just need to wear good quality high heels with care and insoles to prevent low back pain and discomfort.


Below are some tips to prevent low back pain after wearing high heels:

  • Wear heels that have a wide base. Wedges are a better option than stilettos.
  • Wear the right size of shoes.
  • Go for heels that are low like one inch to reduce the strain on the calves and back.
  • Use a soft insole in the shoes to reduce negative pressure on the knees
  • Rest your feet by removing your shoes and stretch your feet after every two hours.
  • Wear high heels only when minimal walking is required.

If you’ve been wearing heels for a long time and have been suffering from low back pain after wearing high heels, you may want to get a foot rest to elevate your leg when sitting.  This will help to reduce the pain in your knees and legs.

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What Causes Knee Pain and How To Treat Knee Pain

Knee pain is a pretty common symptom that occurs to people of all ages. It may start suddenly and most often after an injury or exercise.  Knee pain can be caused by arthritis, dislocation of kneecap, infection of the joint, torn cartilage, inflammation from repeated pressure on the knee such as kneeling for long periods of time, overuse or injury, strain and many others.  Sitting for too long at the desk also causes knee pain.  Inactivity can result in the muscles and tendons becoming stiff and painful .

It is often heard that knee pain only happens to older people.  Well, believe or not, this is a myth.  Knee pain can occur in everyone regardless of age.  It begins as mild pain that would slowly worsen over time.  Being overweight can put a person at higher risk for knee problems.

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Here are some treatment tips on how to make the knee pain go away:-

  • Avoid activities that aggravate your pain.  Take a rest.
  • Apply ice at least four times per day.
  • Use a foot rest to keep your knee raised as much as possible.  This is to bring any swelling down.
  • Wear an elastic sleeve around your knee as this may reduce swelling and provide support.  You can by the sleeve from most pharmacies.
  • Sleep with a pillow underneath or between your knees.
  • Always warm up before exercising and perform cool down exercise afterwards.
  • Lose weight if you are overweight as every pound that you are overweight puts about 5 extra pounds of pressure on your knee cap when going up and down stairs.
  • Wear flat shoes that are cushioned and comfortable.

Simple Steps For Ankle Pain Treatment

If you have sprained your ankle and are experiencing ankle pain, you may want to follow the R.I.C.E Therapy process to relieve ankle pain.  Elevate your leg with a Foot Rest above your heart level to reduce swelling.


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How To Take Care Of Your Back

Do you spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer? If you answer yes, then you may want to look at the tips below on how to take care of your back to maintain a good posture and relieve back pain.


  • Your desk or table height should be at elbow level.
  • Look for a chair with a good low back support and adjustable height.
  • Adjust your seat height so your knees are slightly higher than your hips when seated.
  • Try using a foot rest to take pressure off the back of your legs when seated for long periods of time.
  • To avoid neck problems, adjust your monitor or display height slightly below eye level. Ten to fifteen degrees below eye level is ideal.
  • Minimize repetitive neck and head movements, which can cause neck pain.
  • Center your monitor directly in front of you.
  • Use a stand to hold documents close to the monitor and at eye level.
  • Move your eyes, not your neck and head!
  • Sit upright with good posture.
  • Don’t sit for too long; take frequent, short breaks.
  • Stand, walk around, and stretch a few minutes for every 60 minutes work at the computer.
  • Set a timer to help you remember!

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Easy Way To Prevent Edema

Are you suffering from water retention and have swollen feet?  Edema happens when the body accumulates fluids between the skin.  You can prevent your legs from swelling by changing your lifestyle and diet.  Here are a few simple ways to reduce the swelling of ankle and legs:-

  • Take a bath instead of a shower
  • Reduce wearing high heel shoes
  • Move your ankles while at work
  • Drink more water daily
  • Moderate your daily salt consumption


Simple Steps To Avoid Back Problems

Do you know that one of the most common myths about back problems is that only those who perform physical work have a greater risk of injuring their backs.  Actually, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle are at equal risk.  Those who work in the office tend to sit for long periods of time and this is put significant stress on the backs.

Back problems can be avoided by :-

  • Perform some exercises at the office.  It is advisable to spend at least 5 minutes away from the computer every hour.  By doing simple stretches or walking will reduce the effects of a fixed posture and relieve muscle tension.


  • Spine specialists have recommended that it is best to have our knees raised above the hips to relieve pressure on the lower back.  Therefore, using a foot rest under the desk helps to shift the weight.

Lower back pain can be a chronic condition.  Taking small actions daily to protect your back can stop or slow down the pain.  If your lower back pain interferes with your ability to perform everyday activities, do consult your doctor.

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Benefits Of A Foot Rest

Many people often overlook the importance of foot rests when planning for an ergonomic workstation.  In actual fact, foot rests are a necessity especially when people are spending more and more time sitting at our desk.  Foot rest is an office accessory that make a big difference to our body comfort.  It helps us to elevate our tired feet, reduce leg pain, lower back problems and improves posture.

Foot rests offer support that can increase blood flow and circulation throughout our body and prevent cramps.  Check out Smart n Comfy foot rest to keep your legs active.  Its good quality half-cylinder design foot rest provides raised support for your feet.  Turn the foot rest upside down for a rocking motion to reduce fatigue and encourages circulation in your legs.

You can take this comfortable low-cost foot rest just about anywhere.  It is perfect for office, travel, home or on the plane.   So counter the negative effects of prolonged sitting at your desk with this Smart n Comfy foot rest.