Benefits Of A Foot Rest

Many people often overlook the importance of foot rests when planning for an ergonomic workstation.  In actual fact, foot rests are a necessity especially when people are spending more and more time sitting at our desk.  Foot rest is an office accessory that make a big difference to our body comfort.  It helps us to elevate our tired feet, reduce leg pain, lower back problems and improves posture.

Foot rests offer support that can increase blood flow and circulation throughout our body and prevent cramps.  Check out Smart n Comfy foot rest to keep your legs active.  Its good quality half-cylinder design foot rest provides raised support for your feet.  Turn the foot rest upside down for a rocking motion to reduce fatigue and encourages circulation in your legs.

You can take this comfortable low-cost foot rest just about anywhere.  It is perfect for office, travel, home or on the plane.   So counter the negative effects of prolonged sitting at your desk with this Smart n Comfy foot rest.

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