About Us

Hello, welcome to Smart n Comfy.

A little bit of myself. My name is Andy and I am the founder of Smart n Comfy brand.  I have hope to start my own business and become an entrepreneur all of my life.  I finally took the first step a few months ago and started my own company.  As of today, I can officially call myself an entrepreneur and so, Smart n Comfy was born.

At Smart n Comfy, we are passionate about doing what we love and we believe our quality products should improve the lives of people.  We are not a brick and mortar store and you will not find our brand in any retail stores.  We sell our products online so that you, the consumer can shop in the comfort of your couch via a laptop, tablet or cell phone.


Thank you for visiting our website and I wish you a great shopping experience.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any help or just feel like dropping a line.

Thank you.

AMZ Team Business